Business philosophy
Quality first, service first, tree industry standard, do 100 years enterprise.

The company mission
Create a better life for mankind
We are committed to improving the quality and service of products through technological innovation, and thus contributing to the quality of human life and making human life more comfortable, easier and better。
We strive to practice "create value for customers, creating opportunities for staff, creating profits for shareholders, create wealth for society" of the faith, and hard work, struggle, create a harmonious living space, realize the great ideal。

The beautiful vision
We are committed to becoming a leader in domestic power testing and testing industry, making "zhongke new instrument" a globally recognized brand.
We will continue to improve realm, think globally, is guided by the concept of globalization management, aimed at international advanced enterprise, continuous innovation, deepen the reform, fosters the talent, building a global advantage of the enterprise value chain。

Core values
People-oriented: everyone is a talent; Respect and opportunity; Rewards and contributions match; Lifelong learning, continuous improvement.
Rational pursuit: prefer to take two steps at a time。 Pursuing sustainable development; Solve problems in development。
Reform and innovation: self-denial and self-motivation; Willing to try and continuous improvement; The pursuit of excellence is not ordinary.
Authorized operation: the right of duty is highly uniform; Full authorization and strict supervision; Layers of power, results oriented.
Collaborative sharing: mutual trust and responsibility; Communication and cooperation, complementary coordination; Value is worth, profit is Shared.

Operating rules
Basic principle: centralized youdao, decentralization order, authorization of chapter, power of power
Development concept: harmonious development, scientific development, effective development, coordinated development
Decision principle: respecting facts and data, not conformity, democratic decision making, authoritative management
Mechanism construction: target responsibility system, interest traction, rolling assessment, stimulating vitality; Use mechanism to identify talents and develop talents

Human resource guidelines
Basic principles: human capital is the first capital of midea; To treat employees fairly, fairly and openly; Not committing to lifetime employment, training employees' ability to obtain employment for life.
The use of talents: the long servant, not the whole blame, tolerates the mistakes caused by innovation.
Promotion of talents: the culture of recognition of beauty; Conscientiousness and devotion to work; The position and ability match, positive achievement achievement; Be innovative and pursue excellence

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