Xinjiang electric power company procurement wuhan zhongke xi

Better news on June 20th, Marketing Department, the xinjiang electric power engineering co., LTD., purchasing a batch of wuhan zhongke electric power equipment, products include: ZHL - 200 - a loop resistance tester, ZGF - 60 kv / 2 dc high voltage generator, ma ZYDJ - 5 kva / 50 kv oil-immersed ac test apparatus, 3125 a insulation resistance tester, handheld arrester counter tester, ZYDQ - 15 kva / 100 kv inflatable ac test pressure device, etc. Now the two sides have signed the purchase and sale contract, the equipment is sending to the customer location.

Xinjiang electric power engineering co., LTD have issued by the construction department of power engineering construction general contracting level, power transmission and transformation project specialized contracting grade b, urumqi city construction committee issued by the construction engineering construction general contracting level 3, the national energy administration of xinjiang by regulatory office of guangdong (repair, test) power facilities secondary construction permits, safety production license issued by the construction department of xinjiang.

At the same time, the company has strong technical force, perfect testing equipment, the type of work complete, the company is equipped with multiple construction projects department, establish and implement the quality safety assurance system more perfect. The company since its establishment, has built the new energy 110 kv transmission line project, the turpan garden phase ii of 110 kv substation expansion project and the oil in the 110 kv red green line overhaul engineering company, shenhua xinjiang ZhunDong 35 kv overhead line of coal mine engineering, wujiaqu east industrial park, 110 kv substation becomes out of form a complete set project, vanke LanQiaoSheng fe open closed by high and low voltage power distribution project in xinjiang, xinjiang 10 kv power distribution project and so on.

Our aim is: to build domestic electric power testing leading brand! In spite of the increasingly competitive power market, we can only do our best by focusing on our products and services. Rely on high quality enterprise team and strict enterprise culture, lead us to keep moving forward!
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