Sichuan electric power engineering co., LTD


On March 13, 2017, the news marketing, sichuan power engineering co., LTD., a batch purchasing zhongke electrical measuring equipment, this batch of equipment procurement include: ZECR - 10 a dc resistance tester, ZGF - 60 kv / 2 ma dc high voltage generator, ZJF - 300 - h partial discharge tester, ZEC - 2310 intelligent insulation resistance tester, ZDG - 300 - a cable fault tester, ZQD - 102 SF6 gas quantitative leak detector. At present, the equipment is packed and will be sent smoothly to the customer's location according to the contract.

Sichuan electric power engineering co., LTD., founded in 2007, is a concentration of power design, power transmission and transformation project construction, housing projects, municipal utilities, urban and road lighting engineering, electric power total package engineering, power grids and factories and power supply system and other mechanical and electrical installation, equipment supply, installation, commissioning, after-sales service and operation maintenance of large electric power construction enterprises. With the national energy administration regulation issued by the office of sichuan, 

guangdong ChengXiu secondary, tertiary qualifications, sichuan provincial construction department issued by the professional secondary qualification, mechanical and electrical installation of electric power secondary qualification, construction contractor 3 qualification, municipal utilities engineering contractor 3 qualification, power engineering contractor level 3 qualifications, city and road lighting engineering contracting three qualities.

Eight years in a row for sichuan province administration for industry and commerce issued "guard the heavy reputation of contract at the provincial level enterprise", issued by the national energy administration supervision office of sichuan "electric power industry in China guangdong (repair, test)" AAA credit enterprise, the national electric power construction industry heavy contract, keep prestige, trustworthy construction enterprise, national AAA power engineering construction safety production of enterprises construction and user satisfaction。

Thank customers for our trust, and once again choose zhongke, we always uphold: "quality first, service first, tree industry standard, do 100 years enterprise" business philosophy。 We will as always provide the best service and the best products, only to get your good word of mouth, the so-called "give the roses, the hand to leave the fragrance"。 We'll keep up the good work and go to the next level!

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