Jiangsu electric power company procurement wuhan zhongke pow

On June 15th, wuhan zhongke electric power news, market a better news, jiangsu electric power engineering installation co., LTD., purchasing a batch of wuhan zhongke electric power equipment, include: three-phase relay protection tester, ZTDM ZEC - 802-10 kva / 100 kv oil-immersed ac/dc test device, insulation resistance tester, UT521 ZEC - 2310 grounding resistance tester, ZECR2000G clip-on grounding resistance tester, ZEC - 8600 wireless high-pressure nuclear instrument, ZDL - 500 - a big current generator (display) the two sides have signed a purchase and sale contract at present, wuhan zhongke electric power production departments are orderly production ready, finished will be sent to the customer as required to be detected.

Jiangsu electric power engineering installation co。, LTD。 Is a construction in private enterprises can only have 110 kv electric power equipment installation, maintenance, cable laying, test, overhead line of power supply pipeline construction and installation and debugging of the enterprise。 Now has national construction enterprise qualification certificates issued by the department: power engineering construction general contracting level, mechanical and electrical engineering construction general contracting 3, city and road lighting engineering contracting 3 qualification, construction engineering construction general contracting level, building mechanical and electrical equipment installation project specialized contracting grade, power transmission and transformation project specialized contracting level 3, as well as the safety production license, with the national energy administration regulation in jiangsu office (the original electrical supervisor to handle) approved: guangdong (repair, test) power facilities permit (level 3, guangdong ChengXiu try level 3, level 3), and passed the state certification center issued: GB / 19001-2008 quality management system certification, GB/T24001-2004 environmental management system certification, GB/T28001-2001 occupational health and safety management system certification, in the market management with the enterprise credit grade AAA certificate。

At the same time, all kinds of construction equipment tools, measurement and test equipment, various types of construction vehicles. With a fully functional and advanced testing hall. Jiangsu power engineering installation co., LTD. Has established various forms of technical joint and personnel training with many colleges and universities, and has successfully completed many key power supporting projects in recent years.

"Wind and rain rainbow, iron roses" although recently has been raining, but to a commitment, a responsibility, a trust, we have to do every thing, be on the safe side, trials and hardships, are very pleased to do allow customers to us. We adhere to the business philosophy of "quality first, service first, tree industry standard and 100 years enterprise". We must pull together, unite and move forward!

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