Hebei university procurement wuhan zhongke power equipment


Hebei university laboratory after unit production and a number of comparison of the technical parameters of cable fault tester, inquiry, meeting to discuss the final purchase wuhan zhongke new instrument equipment power technology co., LTD. Thank the school experts for their recognition of the zdg-306d intelligent cable fault tester produced by our company.

Hebei University, Hebei University of Economics and Business) is one of the key construction of 11 universities in Hebei province, is a so Economics, management, law, literature, science and technology of the multidisciplinary University of financial and Economics. The school is located in shijiazhuang, hebei province.
Founded in 1953, shijiazhuang cooperation school of hebei province, which was founded in 1953, was formed in 1995 by the merger of hebei university of finance and economics, hebei university of economics and trade, and hebei business college.
By the end of 2015, the school covers more than 3,000 mu, and the school is divided into three campuses, north, south and west. The school is located in the north campus. Set up 15 refer undergraduate college, 3, 2 centers and graduate institute, school of continuing education, economic management college (independent college) and the international education college, 58 undergraduate programs. There are a staff of 1899, among which 1,059 full-time teachers. Full-time undergraduates, postgraduate students, more than 32,000 overseas students (including more than 12,000 independent college students), continued education students with more than 25,000 students.
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