Laos electric power company procures a batch of test equipme


     Marketing Department, 7.25 three good news, Laos Joseph power companies because of the demand of Laos substation construction project, is very interested in high voltage test equipment, and through the related test equipment operation and use of the Internet learning, after all aspects of understanding and contrast, for our good enterprise culture and the strict and standard production process is very satisfied, finally decided to choose cooperation. Can cooperate with Laos electric power companies in China, we are very happy, this gives us a great deal of encouragement and affirmation, is hot, hot summer, but as if the sweat with some sweet, unite as one, each department methodically is serious about this cooperation, the production department is actively cooperate with the shipment, and in accordance with the contract specify the location of the well.
Laos electric power company has: the purchase of equipment, ZGF - 300 kv / 2 ma dc high voltage generator, six successive electric protection tester, ZKBP ZEC - 1200 - F - 270 kva / 270 kv substation communication pressure series resonance test device, ZECR - 20 a dc resistance tester, ZEC - 526 - c transformer to change than group a loop resistance tester, tester, ZHL - 200 ZEC - 8600 wireless high-pressure nuclear device, a cable fault tester, ZWS ZDG - 300-105 SF6 micro intelligent water meter, ZJS - 9806 - b anti-interference precision dielectric loss tester, JYM - 3 a1 intelligent watt-hour meter on-site checking instrument, ZDL - 500 - a big current generator, the ZEC - 503 insulating oil dielectric strength tester, high voltage switch ZGK - 5201 dynamic characteristic test instrument, ZHG - 203 - b transformer automatic comprehensive tester, transformer capacity characteristics tester, ZDS ZBR - 506-2037 - d electric cable identification device, insulation resistance tester ZEC - 2310 (updated version), grounding resistance tester, rangefinder ZEC - 3000, a batch of high voltage test equipment.
Laos power companies have self-built factories, the main production of various kinds of distribution box, power distribution cabinets, all kinds of wire and cable tray and all kinds of high and low voltage complete sets of equipment, long-term sales of high and low voltage components, transformer, wire and cable, power supplies, electrical, hardware, electric voltage regulator, inverter, wall switch, to undertake a variety of electric power design, construction and maintenance of business and factory enterprise expansion renovation and shear, bending, punching, welding, plastic spraying, such as business, guodian power could be used to Laos and southeast Asian countries, industrial and civil building, metallurgy, mining, petrochemical, railway, hospital, municipal engineering, machinery manufacturing and other industries to provide the best quality products and services.
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