Kunming hengxing procurement wuhan zhongke power equipment


On November 24, the Marketing Department came to the news that kunming hengxing again procured a batch of electrical equipment in wuhan zhongke new instrument. This purchasing equipment include: ZEC - 802 three-phase relay protection tester, UT501A insulation resistance tester, UT502A insulation resistance tester, UT521 digital grounding resistance tester, etc., the current equipment has arrived.

Kunming hengxing company is a construction enterprise engaged in the construction of 10kV and the following distribution and distribution projects. Company has issued by the ministry of housing and construction department of electricity transmission &transformation facilities engineering contractor level 3 qualifications, passed the state electricity regulatory commission regulatory bureau of kunming south regulatory office of the guangdong (repair, test) power facilities permit of censorship, and obtained the qualification certificates.

In recent years we have been rui building company in kunming, yunnan hengtai company limited companies, such as the outsourcing of construction team, has to undertake the subcontract oil circuit breaker to replace the old column JP tank engineering, power distribution transformer tripping renovation work, high loss distribution transformer replacement work, more than 10 kv line insulation of modification and the second batch of 2008 metering and marketing project one power supply bureau in kunming station since more than a table transformation engineering technical renovation project. And has to undertake the South Asia auto mall 2 x 800 kva power distribution project in yunnan, yunnan city xin real estate co., LTD. 3 x 630 kva construction box installation project, kunming gold decoration design engineering co., LTD in 315 kva transformer installation, yunshan wu village, joint-stock cooperative transformer migration project, yunnan medicine co., LTD., a dormitory one table reconstruction project, yunnan in one hundred real estate real estate development co., LTD., kaixuan garden north and so on dozens of customers' high and low voltage power distribution transformer room renovation project of installation works, but also to undertake the kunming yao several repair business for the company, its construction quality and safety management work are fully endorsed by the competent units and the broad masses of the owner's consistent high praise.

Since its establishment, it has been the tenet of "high quality, standard and fast". Aiming at "survival of quality and development of benefit"; Try to keep exploring in practice and keep innovating; And constantly improve its own management and construction technology level, and make its due contribution to the construction of yunnan power grid and new kunming.

In this regard, we sincerely thank yunnan hengxing for our efforts and recognition of our brand, quality and service of our products, and thank you for your strong support and cooperation. We hope that in the future development, we will cooperate more happily, grow together and make progress together! I believe we will get better and better!
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