Ordos electricity purchasing wuhan new instrument products


        Warm congratulations zhongke new instrument in August 6, 2015 successfully supply some office equipment of a batch of Inner Mongolia erdos power: ZKJB - 802 microcomputer relay protection tester one, ZKDT - 10 grounding conduction tester is a, ZKDZ - 103 - b a portable three-phase power quality analyzer, ZKGK - 5221 high voltage switch tester is a dynamic characteristics, ZKGF - 120 kv / 3 ma dc high voltage generator set, ZKHQ - 12 c speed is much the same transformer calibration device is a set of trace moisture meter, the ZKWS - 106 a.

        Ordos boom in August.Zhongke new instrument with Inner Mongolia power grid to ensure the tenth session of national minority tradition sports games and reliable power supply to make its own contribution, zhongke new instrument has always been to improve product quality, optimize product structure, improve customer satisfaction in the first place, positive completes the responsibility of, out of a force for the development of Inner Mongolia power grid.
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