technical support
1. Be honest, dedicated, optimistic and enterprising.
2. Experience related to power or electric measurement, and can adapt to short-term business travel; Provide on-site debugging and technical services for the company's products;
3. Electric-automation and electro-mechanical integration, I have a certain knowledge of electrical equipment, high voltage test and relay insurance.
4。 Report all on-site services to the company's product support department in routine work, providing market and customer feedback;
5. Assist in the collection and evaluation of relevant technical information on site, and make appropriate measures to provide market personnel with the application and potential market information.

1. Major in electrical automation and electro-mechanical integration;
2。 Able to adapt to frequent and short-term business trips;
3. Strong anti-pressure ability, good at communicating with people and having team spirit;
4. Good ability to identify problems and solve problems;
5. Highly responsible and career-minded;
6. After-sales working experience of power testing equipment is preferred.

Sales assistant
1。 Be honest and hardworking;
2。 Have good interpersonal communication skills, with experience of electric power or electric test, etc。
3。 Loyal and dedicated, with good professional ethics and a sense of identity with the cause; Quick thinking, clear thinking, innovative consciousness and strong adaptability to work, strong resistance to pressure。
4。 Good health and hard work。 If competent, the individual will have good development space

Foreign trade commissioner
1. Have experience in export related work and familiar with export process;
2. Implementing the company's trading business, implementing trade rules and expanding the market;
3. Responsible for contacting customers, preparing quotation, participating in business negotiation and signing contracts;
4。 Responsible for production tracking, delivery and on-site supervision;
5. Responsible for document checking, customs clearance, settlement and after-sales service;
6. Development and maintenance of customers;
7. Sorting and filing of business related information;
8. Report on related business work.

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