ZGF-60kV/2mA dc high voltage generator

I. application scope:


ZGF series of dc high voltage tester is mainly used in electric power departments, industrial and mining, metallurgy, iron and steel enterprises such as power department for zinc oxide lightning arrester, power cables, transformers, circuit breakers, generators and other high voltage electrical equipment of dc withstand voltage test or dc leakage current test。


Ii. Technical features:


1。 The chassis is used in the international model box, and the bench is used for both。

2. Using the intermediate frequency voltage circuit, the PWM pulse width modulation technology and the high-power IGBT devices are applied.

3. With the voltage feedback, the output voltage is stable and the ripple coefficient is less than 1%.

4. Smooth adjustment of the full range, the adjustment accuracy of the voltage adjustment is less than 1%, the stability is less than 1%, and the voltage current error is 1% or minus 1 word.

5. Zero lift of the booster potentiometer.

6. 0.75UDC1mA function button, convenient for the zinc oxide arrester test, the accuracy is less than 1%.

7. The overpressure protection adopts the drawing code setting, at a glance, the error is plus or minus 1%

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