The attention of the comprehensive tester of the transformer

The transformer characteristic comprehensive tester is used for the high voltage element, the pressure measurement test of the device (using the ac and dc pressure tester), such as silicon pile。 It is mainly used to detect whether the product is leaking, whether the earth is good or not, and it will not harm the safety of the person。 The main test items include voltage, leakage current, insulation resistance and grounding resistance。

Specializing in the production of high-voltage tester, transformer features comprehensive test instrument, and other products, as a power test equipment manufacturers (huaying electricity), to product testing instrument is a must do, so in safety test, temperature rise test is the most important, although the test using equipment instrument and artificial climate environment test is the same, but try to investigate project and testing devices and purpose is very different. The artificial climate environment mainly examines the adaptability and reliability of the equipment. The safety gauge examines whether the device can work safely.

Transformer features comprehensive tester is mainly test the temperature of the safety device, such as insulation work under normal temperature, the temperature at the highest allowed working temperature of equipment, less than the maximum allowable temperature of the insulating material。 As in the test the insulation material under 25 ℃ temperature is 100 ℃, and insulation materials can only be safe operation under 130 ℃, that is to define the equipment to allow the highest working temperature is the key, if the device is 50 ℃, environment temperature, the insulation material conversion to 50 ℃ environment temperature test should be a temperature of 125 ℃, and satisfies the requirement of less than 130 ℃, the test pass。

If equipment at 60 ℃ environment temperature, the conversion to 60 ℃ environment temperature test temperature is 135 ℃, higher than 130 ℃, the test is not passed. Other components also need to be tested for temperature. To determine whether or not to meet the requirements. Safety comprehensive tester after the test qualified, the manufacturer will by Courier or delivery of the instrument products sold to customers, then get the safety comprehensive test instrument, and some matters need attention in the process of use, the following is a transformer testing equipment knot out several items:

1. When using the comprehensive tester of transformer characteristics, it is noted that the dc high voltage output is the negative voltage, while the ground is positive.

Second, the transformer features comprehensive tester When in the test, should slowly increase the voltage, charging current is smaller than the leakage current value set, until the specified test voltage test: because the test capacitance, there is a charge on both ends of the capacitor and the voltage process, there is a charging current at this point in the test circuit, when the current is greater than the leakage current value set, the hipot tester will call the police, to disrupt the test, can't be。

Three, can't use a fixed voltage, reset - start way for testing. Is equal to the dc resistance of circuit in ac circuits, therefore, safety tester will produce a current in ac circuits, when the current is greater than the leakage current value set, the hipot tester will call the police, of testing stopped, can't be.

Four, before the test, should tally up the capacitive reactance of capacitor, and then calculate the circuit under test voltage current value, and then adjust the hipot tester leakage current preset value, make it slightly bigger than the circuit current value, and test again.

5。 The components (equipment) that test cable and other distributed capacitors should be equal to capacitor testing

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