Three major products of zhongke new products

We have three major services for the equipment we sell, including pre-sale, sale and after-sales service.

1。 Pre-sales service


1. Provide professional consultation; Answer your technical questions within 2 hours.

2。 Provide detailed information; Post all the technical information you need within 4 hours and try to get it within two days。

3. Provide reasonable quotation; Offer you a reasonable offer within 2 hours.

4。 Provide inspection reception; You are always welcome to visit and do your best to provide all conveniences for your investigation。


Ii。 Commitment of service in sales


1. Use the national unified contract of sale and purchase to sign contracts and technical agreements with you. We guarantee the strict implementation of the terms and conditions stipulated in the contract, regardless of the size, quality and quantity.

2。 Consciously abide by the contract law and ensure the smooth performance of the contract and technical agreement。

3。 Try our best to provide you with quality products and adopt optimal transport mode to ensure that you receive the goods in good condition。

4. Actively communicate with the use personnel, respect the arrangement of users, and provide considerate technical support for users.

5。 Provide inspection, installation, debugging and training for you according to the contract。

6。 Regardless of the contract size, all customers are fair in price and service。


Iii。 After-sales service commitment


1。 We will provide relevant technical training and technical information according to customer's requirements。

2。 We guarantee that we will conduct telephone guidance within 15 minutes, and you will be able to troubleshoot the equipment。

3. For instruments below 10kg, troubleshooting or providing new equipment for your temporary use within two days until the damaged equipment is repaired.

4. For instruments that are 10 kg or more, troubleshooting or providing new equipment for temporary use within three days until the damaged equipment is repaired.

5. Strong research and development strength: we have the ability to cooperate with provincial units such as China pilot institute to develop new projects.

6. Quality management specification: we fully implement the iso9001:2000 quality management system.

7. The service is timely and thoughtful: we strictly enforce the sales promise.

8. Reliable product performance: we are willing to compete with each manufacturer in the industry.

Our quality commitment is:

"We have a monthly replacement for the equipment we sell, one year free maintenance, three years warranty, and lifetime maintenance." In the coming days, zhongke xinyi electric power expects to build up a friendship with the customers. To provide our customers with high quality products and considerate service, while satisfying our customers is our eternal business pursuit.


Hotline: 400-068-3818

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