ZWS-105 SF6 microwater meter

    Portable design, quick measurement, quick save gas, self-locking joint, high definition display, intelligent interface, built-in power supply

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Product Introduction

1。 Connect the SF6 equipment

Connect the thread end of the measuring line with the switch joint, tighten the screw with the wrench, and close the needle valve on the other end of the measuring line.

Insert the quick joint end of the test line into the sampling port on the micro water meter。

Connect the exhaust pipe to the air outlet.

Finally, connect the switch joint to the SF6 electrical equipment measurement interface, and tighten with the wrench;

2. Check the battery

This instrument is recommended to use alternating current.

When using direct current, please check the battery power shown in the upper right corner. If the battery is lower than about 20%, please switch off and use after charging.

3。 Start measuring

First all open the instrument to measure the needle valve on the pipe, then use the flow valve on the panel to adjust the flow, adjust the flow rate to about 0.5 L/M, start to measure SF6 dew point.

The first device takes 5 to 10 minutes, and each device takes 3 to 5 minutes。

4。 Stored data

After the equipment measurement is completed, the data can be saved in the instrument, and the operation menu can be adjusted by "ok", and the specific operation mode can be seen in the next section.

5。 Measure other equipment

After measuring a device, close the needle valve on the gauge line and the regulator on the microwater meter. Remove the adapter from the SF6 electrical equipment. If you need to continue to measure other devices, follow the above steps to continue to measure the next device.

6. End of measurement

After all equipment measurements are completed, close the micro-water instrument source.


Product Parameters

Product Characteristics

1. Portable design: portable, portable and convenient to use.

2. Rapid measurement: immediately after the machine is turned on, it is not required to save gas quickly: the gas consumption is only about 2L (101.2 kPa).

3. Self-locking joint: adopt German original import self-locking joint, safe and reliable, without air leakage.

4。 Data storage: large capacity design can be used to store up to 50 sets of test data。

5. Hd display: the LCD screen directly shows the dew point, micro-water (PPM), ambient temperature, environment humidity, time and date, battery power and so on.

6. Intelligent interface: equipped with RS232 interface, which can be connected with serial printer to print data.

7. Built-in power supply: built-in large capacity can be rechargeable lithium battery, a sufficient time can work 10 hours continuously.

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