ZEC-702 relay protection

    Standard 4 phase voltage 3 phase current output; Convenient operation of single machine; Large screen LED display; Have independent special current output; The switching volume is rich; Software is powerful.

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Product Introduction

The function of a rotating mouse is similar to the mouse used on a computer. It has three operations: "left-hand", "right-handed", "press select". These three operations can be used to move the cursor and modify the data.

Mobile cursor: when the screen displays the operation interface, it is used to move the cursor position. When the cursor is moved to a certain item, the "press" knob is selected to open or switch this item. If a certain data item is selected, the modified process of entering this data is changed, and the data is updated and modified with "left hand" and "right hand". If an item is open (e.g., "manual test/automatic test"), then "press" a knob to switch another state.

Rotate the mouse data input method: every data is generally divided into two parts, modified for the current, voltage, frequency equivalent points integer part and decimal part, for the phase Angle points one hundred ten sections and bits。 Modify the data, move the cursor to the data, press the button to open the selected data items, the cursor will narrow the focus to the integer part (part I), with this part of the first amendment, use "left-handed," "right hand" on the part of the increase or decrease (each spin a plus or minus 1, if you need to quickly increase or decrease in available "bring" and "▼", each time you press the add 10); After modifying this part, the cursor will be focused to the fractional part (part two), which is to enter the second part of the modification, the same method; After the modification, the cursor is restored to the shape of the large cursor, which means that the data is modified。 The cursor can be removed at this point。


Product Parameters

Product Characteristics

Product features:

1. Standard 4 phase voltage 3 phase current output: various types of protection tests can be carried out easily for various combination outputs. Each phase voltage can output 120V, and each phase current can output 40A, and the phase 4 voltage Ux is multi-function voltage, which can be set as 4 kinds of 3U0 or the same period voltage, or any voltage value.

2. Simple operation: convenient and flexible rotating mouse through large screen LCD display, all Chinese display. Live can complete most of the testing work, all kinds of relay and microcomputer protection for verification, and can simulate various complex instantaneity, permanent, transform fault test for the whole group. It is easy to operate and easy to operate.

3. Double operation method, the connecting computers running: single machine can undertake all kinds of large, complex and higher degree of automation of checking work, can easily test and scanning all kinds of protection setting value, can be real-time storage of test data show that the vector diagram, draw the fault waveform, also can be in full operation in Chinese software on the Windows platform operation, etc.
4。 Software powerful: can complete all kinds of high degree of automation of large complex check work, such as differential test, prepared from the cast test, line protection inspection period reclosing, etc。, can easily test and scanning, protection setting various fault playback, real-time storage test data, show that the vector diagram, online printing report, etc。
5. Switch contact abundant: 7 road junction input and 2 for empty contact output (online 8 road to idle contact contact input and 4 output), empty contact and 0 ~ 250 v input contact potential contact compatible, intelligent automatic recognition. Input and output contacts can be extended according to user needs.
6。 Screen LCD display: the 640 x 640 dot matrix screen high-resolution graphics LCD screen, all operating process are set on the screen, interface and test results localization, according to display visual clarity。
7。 Self-protection: adopt a reasonable design of heat dissipation structure, and have reliable and perfect multiple protection measures and power supply soft start, and certain fault self-diagnosis and lock function。
8. Independent dc power output: with 110V and 220V dedicated dc power output.

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