ZEC-1200 six successive electric protection tester

    High performance host; Interface complete, device with USB interface; The software is powerful; Perfect self-protection function

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Product Introduction

1. Digital signal processor microcomputer

The device adopts the high speed digital control processor as the output core, and the 32-bit double-precision algorithm is applied to produce the high-precision waveform of each phase. Because of the integrated structure, the parts are closely combined, the data transmission is short and the structure is compact. The problem of short output waveform points caused by long and narrow band of data communication lines is overcome in the direct control of notebook computer.

2. D/A conversion and low pass filtering

High precision D/A converter is used to ensure the accuracy and linearity of current and voltage across the whole range.

Due to the high density of fitting points and high fidelity of waveform, harmonic component is small, the requirement of low pass filter is very low, which has good transient characteristics and phase frequency characteristics, the amplitude frequency characteristics, easy to realize accurate phase shift, harmonic superposition, high frequency can assure very high precision.

3. Voltage, current amplifier

Has been sticking to adopt high performance linear amplifier output phase current, voltage, current, voltage source can output directly from dc to contain various frequency components of waveform, such as the combination of square wave, every harmonic superposition waveform, fault transient waveform, etc。, and the output waveform is clean and smooth, the adjacent equipment without interference, high frequency radiation can better simulate all kinds of short circuit fault current, voltage characteristics。

The power amplifier circuit adopts high - power high fidelity module power device for power output level, which combines with careful and reasonable design of heat dissipation structure with sufficient power redundancy and heat capacity。 The amplifier circuit has complete overheat, overcurrent, overpressure and short circuit protection。 When the current circuit appears overcurrent, when the voltage circuit is overloaded or short-circuited, the output power is automatically restricted, the whole amplifier circuit is shut off, and the alarm signal is displayed。 In order to prevent the large current from running down the power amplifier circuit overheating, the device set up a large current software limit。 When the current exceeds 10A, the software will be activated when the current exceeds 10A。 When the time is limited, the software will automatically turn off the power output and give warning instructions。 The larger the output current, the shorter the time limit。

4. Drive in and out

The device has eight roads and four roads。

The switching volume input circuit is compatible with the null junction and 0 ~ 250V potential contact。 In the potential way, 0 ~ 6V is the sum, 11 ~ 250V is divided。 The switching volume can be used to measure the time difference of the action time and action of each phase switch。

The driving part is isolated from the working power supply and power supply of the main engine. IN the field of suspension, there is no connection between the public end and current, the voltage part of the public end, IN and so on.

The switching potential input is directional, and the common terminal potential is positive, and the terminal potential is negative, so the potential of the public terminal is higher than that of the open terminal. When the wiring is in place, it shall be connected to the public terminal and connected to the terminal. If it is reversed, it will not be properly detected.

5. Dedicated dc power output

The device is equipped with a special adjustable dc power output, which can be used as a field test auxiliary power supply. The rated working current of the power supply is 1.5a, which can be used as the dc working power of the protective device, as well as the power of the jumper circuit. If the power supply is overloaded or short-circuited, the corresponding insurance (2A / 250V) will be burnt.

Product Parameters

Product Characteristics

1. Voltage output current flexible combination: output of 6 phase voltage phase current and phase voltage can be any combination to realize the regular 4 3 phase current, 6 phase voltage, phase current, and 12 phase output mode, can be compatible with the traditional form of experiments can be conveniently for three-phase transformer differential test and auxiliary power fast cutting and prepare the test.

2. Operation mode: the device can be operated directly by external laptop or desktop, convenient and fast, and stable performance.

3. New high fidelity linear amplifier: the output end has always adhered to the high fidelity and high reliability module linear amplifier, not the switch type amplifier, the performance is excellent. It will not produce high or medium frequency interference on the test site, and ensure that the waveform of the whole process from large current to small current is good.

4. High performance host: the output part adopts DSP control, fast operation speed, strong real-time digital signal processing power, bandwidth of transmission band and control of high resolution D/A conversion. The output waveform is high and the distortion is small and linear. Using a large amount of materials, advanced technology and precision components and the structure of professional design, thus device is small in size, light weight, complete functions, easy to carry and boot can work, flow test is very convenient.

5. Software powerful: can complete all kinds of high degree of automation of large complex calibration work, can easily test and scanning, protection setting various fault playback, real-time storage test data, show that the vector diagram, online printing report, etc. The phase current can be used for three phase differential protection tests.

6。 Independent dc power output: with 110V and 220V special adjustable dc power output。

7。 Complete interface: the device has a USB port and can communicate with computers and other external devices。

8。 The perfect self-protection function: heat dissipation structure design is reasonable, reliable hardware protection measures, with functions of power supply soft start, the software of fault self-diagnosis and output atresia, and other functions。 

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