ZGF-120kv/2ma straight high incidence

    Intermediate frequency double voltage circuit; Full range smooth pressure adjustment; The output voltage is stable

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Product Introduction

1. This table is used to measure the leakage current value in the high-voltage electrical equipment at the high pressure side during the dc voltage test. The range is 0 ~ 1999.9 uA, (2mA type) 0-9999 (5mA type) allows maximum current to be 20 mah.

2. The principle of this table is the measurement of potential shielding method of Faraday cage, all of which are in the shielding of the metal sphere.

3。 The high voltage output terminal of the dc high voltage tester is received by the high voltage limiting resistance meter and the special plug of the high voltage microammeter, and the shielded wire is received。

4。 In order to reduce the influence of the corona ion current on the internal insulation leakage current in order to reduce the exposure of the corona ion current in the exposed high pressure line, it is suggested that the high voltage connection of the tested product should be covered by good insulation。

5. 9V dry battery power supply is used in this high pressure microammeter. After the high voltage lead plug is inserted, the internal power is switched on and the internal power is off when it is pulled out. To extend the battery life, it is recommended to disconnect the power as far as possible when the measurement is stopped.

6. When the cable or high voltage capacitor dc voltage withstand test, the charging current can exceed the current table rated 2 milliampere less than 20 mah. This table will not be damaged.

7。 After the test of the dc high voltage test, discharge the electric rod in the enclosure of the microammeter with dc high voltage test。

Note: special electric discharge shall not directly contact and high-voltage dc discharge, should keep a distance, to be put at the beginning of the rod tip produce corona discharge, the participants on the voltage decline gradually 20% test voltage, then discharging rod hit a microampere meter shell discharge。 Finally, the grounding wire of the electric rod is placed directly on the subject。

8. Special attention should be paid to the direct discharge of the ground wire directly on the outer shell of the high voltage microammeter, so as to prevent the powerful impact discharge current from causing the high voltage microammeter to be damaged.

9. Free warranty for one year, maintenance for life; However, in violation of the instructions caused by this use, the repair fee will be paid to the user.

Product Parameters

Product Characteristics

Technical features:

1。 The chassis is used in the international common type case, and the bench is both used。

2. Using the intermediate frequency voltage circuit, the PWM pulse width modulation technology and the high-power IGBT devices are applied.

3。 With the voltage feedback, the output voltage is stable and the ripple coefficient is less than 1%。

4. Smooth adjustment of the full range, the adjustment accuracy of the voltage adjustment is less than 0.5%, the stability is less than 1%, and the voltage current error is 1% or minus 1 word.

5. Zero lift of the booster potentiometer.

6. 0.75UDC1mA function button, convenient for the zinc oxide arrester test, the accuracy is less than 1%.

7. The overpressure protection adopts the drawing code setting, at a glance, the error is plus or minus 1%.

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