ZGTB dry ac pressure device

    It has the characteristics of light weight, small volume, beautiful appearance, stable performance and easy to carry. It is especially suitable for site operation

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Product Introduction

1. This series of transformer, the use of advanced production equipment, using epoxy vacuum pouring coil winding and CD type iron core of the new technology, compared with similar products oil-immersed transformer, obviously reduce weight, reduce volume, improve on the quality of the insulation strength and resistance to moisture, and effectively weaken the magnetic flux leakage and greatly strengthened the transformer test under the impact of the short circuit current capacity.

2. This series of products with light weight, small size, beautiful shape, stable performance, use and easy to carry, especially suitable for field operation, is a new kind of ac/dc upgrading domestic transformer high voltage test. This series machine is suitable for the production of power system and electricity user site testing all kinds of electrical equipment insulation performance test, the electrical products of various voltage dc high voltage low current high voltage power supply of the system or device.

Product Parameters

Product Characteristics

The input voltage of this series of products is 200V, and the input voltage can be changed according to the principle of electromagnetic induction。 The output voltage can be obtained from zero volt continuously to the highest rated value。

In the test of dc resistance and leakage current, as long as the high voltage silicon pile is installed in the high voltage output terminal, the input voltage can be changed to obtain the dc high-voltage output of different values。

1. Rated input current: 50A.

2. Output voltage waveform: sine wave

3. Output waveform distortion rate: less than 1%.

4。 No-load loss: 0。2% ~ 0。35%

5. Operating frequency tolerance level: 110kV/ 1min.

6。 Impedance voltage: < 8%。

7。 Voltage adjustable accuracy is plus or minus 1%。

8。 The voltage instability is less than 1%。

9. Overvoltage protection.

The surface temperature rise: < 55 ℃

11。 Allowable running time: 2 hours

12 consecutive running time: continuous

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