ZYDJ oil immersion device

    The shell of the product is made with the perfect octagonal structure with the core, the overall shape looks beautiful and generous. It has small size, light weight, beautiful appearance and convenient movement

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Product Introduction

The test transformer (hereinafter referred to as the test transformer) is also known as the booster, which is the basic test equipment for the power station, distribution system and scientific research unit。 Used for all kinds of electrical appliances, electrical equipment, insulating materials and so on under the specified voltage insulation strength test, examination of the insulation of the product level, try insulation defect is found, the measure of the ability to withstand overvoltage。

Product Parameters

Product Characteristics

Calibration formula for the capacity Pn of test transformer capacity: Pn=KVn2 omega Ct x 10-9

In formula: Pn-- nominal test transformer capacity (kVA)

Vn-- the effective value of the rated output voltage of test transformer (kV)

K-- safety factor.

K= 2, when the nominal voltage is greater than 1MV, K= 2, when the nominal voltage is lower, the K value should be higher.

Ct--- the electrical capacity of the tested product (PF)

Omega -- the angular frequency, omega equals 2 PI f, f-- the frequency of the test power

The capacitance Ct of the tested equipment can be measured by ac bridge. Ct changes are large and can be determined by the type of device. Typical data is as follows:

Simple bridge or suspension insulator dozens of micromethods

Simple grading casing 100-1000PF

Voltage transformer 200-500PF

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