Six successive electricity use methods

   Communication test "module is a universal, comprehensive test module, it has independent test unit of four phase voltage and three phase current, also has its own 6 phase voltage and independent phase current test units, more trees alone a 12 phase output unit at the same time, and according to the sequence component output test unit. Through the interface of 3P, 6U, 6I, 12P and sequence component five buttons to switch each other. These independent units call each other to fully meet the test of the ac test under various conditions of the power system. They have in common is: by setting the corresponding voltage or current as a variable, certain changes step variate, and choose the right means of test (" manual ", "semi-automatic" and "automatic" way three trials), convenient to test all kinds of voltage current protection action value, the return value, and the return of the action time and time, etc., and automatically calculate the coefficient of returns. In view of the most commonly used is "four phase voltage and three phase current" unit, and a few other on the method of use and the basic same, so the following only as "four phase voltage and three phase current" as an example are introduced in details.

1. It can be flexible to control the output 4 phase voltage 3 phase current, 6 phase voltage, 6 phase current, 12 phases and output multiple combinations simultaneously

2. With the function of sequence component output, the sequence component values are set directly, and the output of each phase voltage and current is automatically combined, and the output is changed according to the sequence component

3. Each phase voltage and current output can set the amplitude and phase arbitrarily, and the amplitude can set upper limit limit

4. The amplitude and phase and frequency of each quantity can be set and the change step size can be set arbitrarily

5. Ux can set a combination of various output modes, and can also be arbitrary

6. It can be fully automatic, semi-automatic and manual, and can be switched at any time when output

7. The number of amplitude, phase, step and variable can be directly modified in the output state

8. The power value can be displayed directly to check the power meter

9。 Measurable action value, return value, action time, return time

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