Method of circuit resistance

ZHL-100a loop resistance tester is based on IEC standard and the relevant regulations of the company, which can give full play to its technical advantages, and carefully develop high-precision, digital switch detection instrument。 The instrument USES the sine wave inverter and the high power constant current switching power supply technology to measure the micro-ohmic contact resistance。 It is widely used in the measurement of contact resistance, loop resistance, cable wire and welding resistance of various switches and appliances。

The main interface of the zhl-100a loop resistance tester is as follows:

A) power switch: "I" will start the power supply by pressing the instrument, and "O" will press the power of the instrument.

B) ~ 220V: instrument power supply source input terminal, this instrument USES ~220V power supply.

C) I +, I- : for the current output terminals, a constant current of 100A is provided through the dedicated test line。

D) V+ V- : voltage input terminal。

E) liquid crystal: with a 128X64 screen, the font is clear, easy to observe, display operation Settings, test results, contact resistance value and output current value.

6。 Brightness adjustment: adjust this button to adjust the contrast of the display character。

7. Reset button: the machine is initialized and the instrument is in the ready state.

8。 Select key: press this button to select the Settings of the instrument。

9. Confirm key: confirm the selected item and automatically enter the next item. If the instrument select item is in the test position, press the confirmation button to start the current test.

Storage key: used to store test data。

11. The ground end of the instrument.

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