Attention of three-phase capacitance meter

The attention of zrg-500s three-phase capacitor inductance tester:

1. Do not contact the metal part of the test line during the measurement to avoid electrical breakdown.
2. The measurement wiring must strictly follow the instruction, otherwise the consequences will be conceited.
3. Be sure to check that the set parameters are correct before testing.
4. It is best to use a power outlet with a ground wire.
5. III. When the capacitance test is conducted, the effect of the short connection must be good, otherwise the test results will be affected.
6. The test connection must be carried out in the case of grounding of the test line to prevent the inductive voltage from being electrocuted. All short circuit, grounding and lead should have adequate cross section and must be connected. The test organization should work closely and communicate smoothly to ensure the safety and smooth operation of the test work.
7. When the device needs to be charged, switch off the power supply (press "O" to turn off) and plug in the power cord, and the yellow light of the charging indicator starts flashing, indicating that the charge enters the normal state.

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