Attention of transformer tester

Contents of ZEC-526C transformer ratio test instrument:

1. To have multiple tap transformers, the input rated high and low pressure rated voltage value, tapping interval, gear, is in order to make the test results can automatically calculate the error value, and tap-changer of tapping. If the above parameters are entered correctly, each of the points can be calculated automatically to calculate the ratio error and the specific location of the point. No more data changes are required.

2. 19 archives of transformer on-load tap-changer is, if the 9, 10 and 11 points is the same value, the instrument should be input rated input tap a 9, at this time 12 points to a later, instrument display tapping position is smaller than actual position 2.

The instrument tapping position setting according to the high side pressure regulating design, is to assume that one point as the highest voltage range, if the voltage reverse design or tap-changer in low voltage side of transformer, display tapping position and the actual tap position of the horse.

3. The three-phase transformer variable than the plate of refers to the ratio of the different voltage winding of line voltage, therefore, the transformer in different connection mode, its strain ratio and the number of turns than to have the following relations: the primary and secondary side of the connection of the same voltage of three-phase transformer ratio is equal to the number of turns ratio; The ratio of the turns of Y-d is equal to the ratio of the change to the ratio of the turn of the y-d-y connection.
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