Double gun safety puncture device

The precautions of zdc-08b dual-gun cable safety puncture are as follows:

1, if in the process of stung, appear the bolt action but nail bombs failed to explode phenomenon, please check whether the ⑿ tighten, such as pine tight after try, if not after tighten the explosion, should change nail, if don't explode, please contact the manufacturer。

If, in the process of stung, gun in spring never action, and control box operation is completed, or is likely to be stored for a long period caused by poor maintenance, can adjust the bolt strength first master ⑿ unscrew the test several times and then to empty, until the spring action after a tight, it continues to experiment, such as have been still, please contact the manufacturer.

3。 Safety of the device:

<1> electronic control ensures that even if the device power is turned on to "confirm" key, the selected mode will need to be reconfirmed or re-selected; The device does not automatically move due to the timing mode. It is necessary to have a second confirmation before entering the selected mode.

<2> electronic control ensures that even when the device is turned on, the device will not be able to move, and the device will not be able to move until the two buttons of C and D on the remote control are pressed。

<3> electronic control guarantee can only be operated by pressing the remote control C and D two key devices when you are prompted to stay away from the site.

<4> in the timing mode, the remote control doesn't work and there will be no error pressure remote control leading to incorrect operation。

4. If the monitor indicates "fail please check the device and try again", please contact the manufacturer in time. Please do not take the control box apart.

5。 If the screen shows the battery is weak, please replace the battery in time。 After each use, the battery should be removed。

6。 Consumable nail projectile and pin must be the same as the specifications and models that are configured at the time of delivery。

7。 Be sure to align the u-groove and fixed plate of the head part of the gun when installing the puncture device, to prevent the impact of the puncture of the puncture machine from damaging the u-shaped slot。

8, in use process, stung if live ammunition stung, must use brush to clean up a gun, to prevent the next time you use a gun have residual pulverized stuck a gun in the needle, lead to instrument can't work normally.

9. In the process of instrument use, the instrument can only puncture cable, not puncture wood and other objects. Because the instrument has a great impact on the puncture, if it is easy to damage the instrument.

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